The start of the 2016/17 Premier League season saw a shift in attention from superstar players to high-profile managers. View From The Dugout tracks the evolution of a team through its managers and the results they have produced over a 10-season period.

Across this time, the piece looks at each manager's records including things such as win percentage, player transfers, goals and which managers have provided the biggest improvement to their respective clubs.

How it works

Using specific data for each manager the piece reveals which manager from the current Premier League teams has the best record over the past 10 years in their club and in the league.

View From The Dugout also measures how much a coach has improved a side by charting progression from lower leagues all the way up to the Premier League.

This is measured through the main graph which tracks a club’s positional change during a manager’s spell which can span from 92nd place in the football league all the way to the Premier League champions in 1st.


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